Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty Place

Oh the places I have gone and the things I've seen since my last post. I won't bore you with wordy details or to many pictures. I just wanted to share a few picture of some of the beautiful places I have seen the past couple months.
Taipei City. View from a gondola.
Longest and most Beautiful gondola ride. Well it and the gondola ride at Sun Moon Lake tie for most beautiful. But this one was for sure longer and it had a clear bottom, so that was neat.
Chang Kia-Shek memorial hall. Taipei.
Standing in front of and facing the memorial. museum on the right, opera house on the left. Notice the coats, I can't even imagine having to wear a coat now. (that's how long it's been since I posted last)

Alishan Mountain.

The fog made it feel like a fairy tail or Lord of the Rings or something.
Please only notice my socks. I was looking real good. We were very under-prepared for the cold weather.

The suspension bridge we searched for.

On the terrifying drive back down the mountain.

Love the randoms who, for some reason, want you to be in their home videos.
Kaohsiung City. View from the back of the ferry.
Loving this city

How cute are our friends? To bad you can't see the 4 person bike we are currently sitting on

Largest port city in Taiwan. Also, a new favorite city of mine. Notice the building in the back.
Lotus Lake

Our friends drove us and showed us around Kaoshiung.Have I mentioned how nice people are here?

'walking through hell'
Remember that building that was in the background? This is the view from the top.

View from the other side

'Dome of Light' part of a metro station. Created by a French artist.
On our way to Green Island. View from a train.

Also from the train

Proof it was on a train.

Green Island. The nauseating 1 hour ferry ride was well worth it. (no that is not the ferry)

Our wonderful scooter that took us around the island.

Day one.

Setting up at the not so sandy more corally beach.
View from Hotel.

Sunset. Obviously.

Hot spring on the ocean. We went at night but I wanted a picture during the day time. We also boiled eggs there in naturally boiling water so... that's cool. Kinda weird.

Day two. Scooter ride around the island. First stop.

Next stop.

Another stop. (we ended up stopping a lot) Left side.

Right side. Easily in the top 5 most beautiful places I have ever been. Maybe even top 3.

On the train ride home. (16 hours of travel time was worth it)

Next stop. Tainan.


  1. WOW! You are an amazing photographer! WOW! You're having an amazing time! WOW! I'm stinking jealous!

  2. Everything is SOOOOO pretty. And so are you!

  3. Thanks for the blog since I've never been to Taipei--never seen a 4 person bike either--but I like the pictures of 4 smart girls and all the other ones.